Bondade Não é de Graça

Bondade não é de graça! In his attempt to overtake the power in Saudi Arabia, the prince must have found strong opposition of the allies of his father, but is powerful enough to overtake. So he must have found a disposition to negotiate with him from his father´s party.

He probably have had to negotiate with the, still alive father and king. The king must have said: “I will continue to be in charge, (Pluto in Capricorn, the father eternally in power), but ok, we let women drive (a benevolent act towards women, Jupiter in Libra) by the king. This was something desired by the prince. The prince accept, after all, it is what he wants. A small desire fulfilled. A small act of power fulfilled. Thus, in a act of “surprise” Uranus in Aries benefited women. Uranus in Aries in opposition to Jupiter in Libra. So, the Status quo remains Pluto in Caprica. The Head is the Father. ADRIANA MARANHÃO . ASTRÓLOGA


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