ADRIAS` INSIGHTS, Reflexões & Vivências by Adrias, Religiões, Sagitário, Saturno

It´s all about Structured, Patriarchal and Hierarchical Religions

Saturn in Sagitarius is all about al the institucional, structured, offcial, mainstream, patriarchal, authoritarian and hierarchical religions known as Judaism, Islamism and Christianism!

Saturn is the symbol of father, of authority, of a well defined and structured agent. An elder man, a patriarch!

Sagitarius is all about codified and organized and structured knowledge imparted from the authority of that knowledge to the learners.

Saturn in Sagitarius is NOT ABOUT a direct relation, personal, direct experience of god…It is about the great distance about the regular human being and a supposed god somewhere else but not in nature.

That´s it!

More to say…oh yeah!

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